Yeah,it's a vibroplex

Well I saw this thing earlier today:

It’s a Vibroplex thing to make morsecode way faster

(20 to 50 WPM). If you push the small red knob it’s gonna send a continuous signal out of the line while on the other side,the oval paddle actuate a pendulum creating a series of shorts signals,or dits. This way,using the oval paddle you can easily type … in a short time lapse

So,I tought,yeah,this would be awesome to learn morse code but these are sold at over $300 US ,it’s time to get creative.

What I used here is:

-A double switch (NODP) scavenged earlier today from a printer.

-2 555 timers (1 is generating the tone,the other is replacing the pendulum mechanism)


-Some caps and resistors.

Here’s what it look like:

Morse code thing

Morse code thing

So it work,pretty good,here’s a video of me using it to type something out,try to decode it,if you can ;p

All the references for this build were taken from this excellent site on 555 timers: