This is old,like 2009 old,but I thought you guys might want to see what kind of stuff I built in college,so here it is.

The project was at first to design,mill and build a 3-axis cinema-quality camera carrier and have that remotely controlled over a river for a Montreal Company.After much of talk about their needs and expectations,a 4th axis came in,so did a first draft of the overall look.

First Draft

So after much arguing with the teachers about design pros and cons, we finally managed to get something working.

Final Concept

As you can see,the third axis is a “twist” around the camera itself. To do that,we created a bearing around it with 4 disc and 32 skate bearing properly alligned.

Then cam in the fabrication of it all.

And for the finishing touch,here’s a closeup of the gimball.

The TGM 2010 Team with the beast.

Closeup of the beast

So now the more tech stuff:

Motion:3 axis use 5745mg Servo from Hitec / the cable use 2 winch motors with custom planetary gearing

Power: 8 Turningy LiPo battery in the top black box provide a constant 80Amps and can supply 600Amps at 14.8 volts for a couple seconds. Yep,I learned why to use a switch there. (for those who don’t know,having a load on such Amperage is likely to melt the connector when you insert them,spark,nasty,yep).

Drive:2 HB25 motor drive are taking care of the cable motors,those are good,and sturdy.

Remote: I don’t remember what remote we used,was a JC I think.

Weight: 80lbs

Weight it can support: Above 140 ( I got in the disc to test it =P)

Happy Investor: yeah =P

And you’re all wondering,”I wonder what it look like from inside when running and twisting”….well here you are!


Since SLA (the investor) wanted some mods to the actual thing,I made and ordered laser-cut sprocket that arrived an hour ago! here they are,so beautiful!

Custom Laser-Cut Sprocket