When you’re in need of a power supply,the obvious solution is to use a computer’s PSU.

When you’re short of a proper casing,why not use what’s on hand and yesterday,what was on hand was a 50 cal Ammo Box.

I know it’s not a world’s first but I really needed a PSU for some testing quick and this has been fitted together in like 4 hours.


-Portable :  Power cable is tied to the back,4 hook up wires are stashed inside a container glued to the inside of the lid.


-Strong and resistent : It’s an ammo box after all!

-Multiples outputs + 1 adjustable :  1.7/3.3/5/7/8.7/12/15.3/17/24  Volts using combinations of -12/0/3.3/5/12 V outputs

-Safe! : Most of the safety features are built-in the computer’s PSU itself,over-current/heat/shortcircuit automatically shut the unit down,reset and good to go!